A bad word?

SellingSales – some believe is an undesirable profession, something to be ashamed of.  After working in business development for over a decade, I beg to differ. 

Unless you’re into making a quick sale – the kind where you take someone’s money and run – selling, whether it be products or services, is an honorable career path.

Here’s why:

  1. It is possible to be 100% transparent about your offering and still make a sale.  Unless you define being transparent and honest as self-bashing.  Do you?
  2. A quick sale is nice – a repeat order and a referral are both blissful.  To achieve the latter two you must earn your clients’ trust.  Gaining trust sometimes means forgoing an immediate gain for the sake of a long term, sustainable result.
  3. Passion is unfakeable.  Your clients will believe in your offering only as much as you do.  So don’t aim to fake it until you make it. Simply go out and make it.  Sell only those products and services that you believe in – that are in line with your values.

Now go out and sell, sell, sell…

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