Fear and guilt not…

Fear and guilt not...(Note: It is not physical pleasure I write about, it is those things in your life that give you meaning, fulfilment and a reason for being.) 

Avoidance or fulfilment, what’s your modus operandi?

In other words, are you playing not to loose or are you playing to win?

When faced with a decision – be it at work, or in life in general – do you aim to avoid pain and loss or to achieve pleasure and excitement? Do you tend to retreat in fear or to charge with excitement and passion?

In your mind’s eye, do you see life as a minefield laden with hidden dangers and pitfalls, or do you see it as a green field bursting with abundance and possibilities – all there for the taking? Grey or green – was it is going to be?

As you think through your answer, think about what a life guided by the avoidance of pain and loss will amount to.  Do you want to look back one day to remember what you accomplished, or what you left undone and unlived? 

I know, this sounds like a huge cliché.  Even so, using fear and guilt as guiding lights can be dangerous business.  Ironic, to say the least, don’t you think? 

If it is in fact pain and loss that you’re trying to avoid, doesn’t it make more sense to seek their opposites – pleasure, gain and excitement – than to retreat in fear?  Yes, being careful and consequently avoiding experiences is likely to lead to a safe and experience-less existence. On the other hand, seeking experiences to create memories, is likely to leave you many lessons – and yes, admitedly some great stories to tell.

On any given day, can you enumerate your fears?  What about your passions?

Do you really know what excites you?  Is that what you’re working towards?

Sounds like I’m having a mid-life crisis huh?  Maybe a huge awakening.  And maybe you should too.

Instead of asking yourself what are you afraid of – and retreating – ask yourself what excites you, what gives you pleasure – and charge towards that with all your might.

Have a nice week.


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2 thoughts on “Fear and guilt not…

  1. Living to avoid pain and loss is not living at all. Life has ups and downs, and the victories are that much sweeter having experienced loss.

    On any given day I actively seek experiences that excite me, and drive me towards fulfilling my potential, even if I fall short.

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