10 tell tale signs of a meaning LESS job

According to Jewish Mysticism (a.k.a. Kabbalah) the number 9 represents truth*.  Since it’s 2009, I’ve taken the liberty to declare this my year of finding my own truth. 

Part of my commitment has been to discover what gives meaning to my life.  That includes finding meaningful work.  Those things that bring meaning to my life are what I call my truth.  And as I have my truth, I  believe that you do as well.  Some of you may already know what that is.  In case you don’t, read on to see how you can tell if your current job is devoid of meaning.

Here are the tell tale signs:

1.      You feel that it’s enough to do as little as possible in your job. 

2.      You start to crave external rewards, like bonuses, a pat on the back or a ‘well done’ from your boss.

3.      You play the blame game – and flick-off responsibility for your well-being at work to your boss or employer.

4.      You are stuck focusing on ‘what happened?’ rather than ‘what can I do?’ whenever a challenge comes your way.

5.      Little annoyances feel like big obstacles.

6.      It seems that most of your friends’ jobs are better than yours.

7.      You feel jealous – instead of happy – for other people’s achievements.

8.      You spend more time planning your next holiday than developing a five year plan for your career.

9.      Drudgery rather than excitement is your prevailing mood during the week.

10.  Paying bills is your only reason for being – and for getting out of bed every morning.

In my next post I’ll share with you an exercise I completed that brought me closer to finding my truth at work .

Stay tuned.


*Thank you Rabbi Shuey Rosemblum for sharing your wisdom.

3 thoughts on “10 tell tale signs of a meaning LESS job

  1. Great list; and so true.

    Unfortunately I have found myself at jobs like this a couple times, but I have also learned that you have to do what makes you happy—even if it means less money, less prestige, or even disappointing people. Those people don’t have to do your job every day—you do!

  2. So true David. Thanks for your comment. After being involved in meaning LESS jobs I’ve become very sensitive to the fact that not only am I not enjoying the work, even more crucial is that I’m wasting precious life time on something that is not fulfilling. Take care, Silvana

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