How response-able are you?

During a time when people are being laid-off from high paying jobs.  When others are taking pay cuts to keep their jobs. Some have lost a big portion of their dividend producing assets.  And others have had their dividend producing portfolios frozen.  Re-prioritizing expenditures is an all too common scenario across kitchen and dinner tables around the world.

As a firm believer in the power that words have, it’s imperative that we pay extra attention to how we use labels.  Are we labelling our situation in terms of poverty and scarcity?  Or are we describing these times as an opportunity to re-prioritize and re-consider what is important in our life? 

If you’re sitting there thinking that I’m out of touch with reality – and maybe even labelling me an over optimist – go right ahead.  I rather be labelled that than a ‘pessimist’ or as some love to throw the term around a ‘realist’.

I’m well aware that however you describe your situation will surely not reverse your employer’s cost cutting initiatives, add dollars to your bank account or miraculously increase the value of your portfolio. That said, how you perceive your situation will have a very strong influence in how you feel and consequently respond.  And in these times, your ability to respond (response-ability) is worth gold.

Are you labelling yourself poor? And have become embarrassed of your present situation (and dwindling bank account)? And for that reason are feeling a bit depressed – and maybe have been unable to go to work? Which could put you at risk of loosing your job…

Or are you seeing this as a great opportunity to go back to basics and discover all those things that the comforts that money afforded you were not letting you enjoy?  For example the simple things in life.  Like turning on the water sprinkler and running across it with friends on a hot Sydney summer day.  Or sitting at your kitchen table with your life partner and sharing your dreams over a home made cup of tea that’s worth $0 and comes with smile from a loved one.  Or making paper mache with your kids – with old flour and water.  And doing all those things has brought a new sense of energy and vitality into your life…

During a time when uncertainty and change are the law of the land, minding the power of words will place you in the seat of power.  Those who know this will come out stronger.

How will you mind your words today?


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