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Failure – the new success?

Thomas Edison’s 10,000 failed attempts before inventing the light-bulb has been overused for good reason.  In this video, the car manufacturer Honda does a great job at showing how failure is an integral part of anyone’s path to success.  In essence, it’s when you’re not failing, that you’re a failure.  

Why? Because when you push your own limits, walk on the edge and take risks, failure is a possibility. Following that logic, if you never fail, it means that you haven’t pushed yourself far enough or taken enough risks.  Those who have succeeded know that transcending their own glass ceiling and taking risks is part of the package of success.  

Know that for failure to lead to success, you must be open to the lessons that failure leaves. Be diligent about tracking and learning the lessons of your mistakes. That is how you will improve.

I’d LOVE to learn about your own failures.