Pass the passion please…

Pass the passion pleaseMost would agree that pleasure is a sustainable state of being.  That when you work with passion and love what you do, it’s likely that you’ll remain focused and energized for a long time.  For that very reason, it’s important to seek excitement in your career.  That said, it’s also important  to gauge if the pursuit of passion and enjoyment will yield you more pain than pleasure.  More drain than gain.

 Here’s how you can tell if, in your career, you’re chasing after instant gratification or long-term excitement:  

  1. Play it forward:  Look beyond the here and now.  Chances are that if you’re evaluating a decision in this light, it’s because it’s a major one.  Major decisions will impact your life – and career – for years to come.  That being the case, think about what will the major outcomes be in 2 years time.  What about 5?  Ask yourself if you’re falling into the temptation of short-term pleasure, and paying with long-term pain.
  2. Consult your gut:  Be honest – with yourself – because you’re the only person that counts.  When you think about the overall outcome, does it feel right?  Or does it feel wrong?  Here you’re looking for physical feelings – check your gut. As a point of reference, think back about a time when one of your decisions felt right – in your gut. 
  3. There are no right or wrong answers:  You’re probably thinking that this information does not help your decision process.  Actually I beg to differ. Knowing that you’re looking for an excellent answer, not a perfect one is bound to empower you. Looking for right or wrong answers is the surest way to suffer from analysis paralysis. So go ahead, make a decision.  Know that there’s loads of grey.  Be open to the lessons – and you will come out on top!

Passion, excitement, enjoyment are all achievable career goals.  It’s a matter of having the right strategy and an action plan. What do you think?

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