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“Some day” is NOW

In the past few days I’ve spoken to several people – all from different walks of life.  One is a professional mom in her early thirties, the other is a gym instructor in her mid twenties, the other is a restauranteur in her early fifties.  In spite of their differences I’ve noticed that they all share one thing in common – which I wish it wouldn’t be so.

They all told me about projects that they hope that some day they’ll execute. Some day one will open her own business, some day the other one will buy an investment property, and some day the other one will write a children’s book.

When I asked them what they had done today to get closer to their goal, they were not able to give me a clear answer.  Their lack of clarity is what inspired this post.

As far as I know, today is that ‘some day’ of that other day when you said that some day you’d do that one thing you’ve been wanting to do.  So are you doing today what you said that other day that you’d do ‘some day’?  And what can you do today to get closer to that goal that you’re putting off for some day?


Photo credit: Thanks Photo-master Greg