Me 2.0 – Dan Schawbel’s answer to thriving in a social media-crazed world

A few days ago, when Dan Schawbel, my blogoshpere friend and author, asked me to review his recently released book, Me 2.0 (by Kaplan), I gladly accepted.  For the past few months I’ve followed Dan’s work and collaborated with him on a few projects.  It’s quite clear that he’s one of the most knowledgeable millennials on using social media to develop an effective personal brand.  After all, he’s been using tools like a personal blog, facebook and twitter to become known as the ‘personal branding guru’.

That said, if Tom Peters put personal branding on the map in 1997, in Me 2.0 Dan put it on steroids. Through his easy to implement advice, Dan demystifies social media tools and empowers readers to create their own effective personal brand – and take charge of their careers.   Me 2.0 is not an option, it’s a must for anyone looking to succeed in this new world.

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